Azure Dragons

A Free Company of Ultros

So you are thinking of joining Azure Dragons? Well you are in the right place. Here you will learn everything that you need to know about the FC. From the members, to the Statics, just navigate thought the menus and see what we are about. If you do decide to join our little, big family, then simply apply or send a /tell to Almaik Okeanos or Millie Maddox. I hope you enjoy your visit and hear from you soon.

Meet the Leaders

The Founders of Azure Dragons Danicah, Crucible, Faelen, Almaik, Millie and Lira/Ralyks started the FC to help new players so they can learn the right way to play and develop a team synergy and build a good bond. We still are new player friendly but we want to start doing more of the static stuff together and focus not only to player development but endgame development as well.


Here at Azure Dragons we respect all members and the way they play. Whether you prefer to play solo, or want to make friends and be social, we welcome everyone to play the way they like. We strive to bring a laid-back and drama free place to hangout. Respect each other and have fun!

FC Apartment Draw

Once a week, the Azure Dragons host a member appreciation FC Apartment draw, to show our thanks for your hard work and dedication to the FC.

Map Nights

Here at Azure Dragons we love doing Maps, so we host map parties for all level.The FC provides most of the maps, but members are welcome to bring their own. Everyone need and lets win some prizes, or compete with other parties to see who makes more gil!


Once a month the FC hosts events where members can participate in puzzles, games or costume contests to win gil and prizes! If you are interested in events or just want to cheer other members on their adventures, we encourage all members to paticipate, and we have had amazing turn-outs at these FC family fun days!

Meet the Officers

The Officers are members that help out the Founders with various jobs around the FC. But one of our most important job is to help members with questions and anything to make their journey more comfortable.•Merrick Greenbottle
• Libelle Dalinda

FC Buffs

We provide buffs for the members of Azure Dragons 24/7 and as a bonus we activate Grade III buffs over the weekend to make the grind a little less daunting. Grade III buffs can be made upon special request to one of the leaders.


Azure Dragons frequently host farming parties for members to quickly get their most desired mounts. We also help farm for glam, minions, orchestration rolls or whatever you strive to achieve!


"I joined Azure Dragons as a brand new sprout who had been playing just under 2 weeks. They are by far the most welcoming, accepting and go with the flow guild I have ever been a part of in the 15 years of becoming painfully addicted to various MMOs when I was 10. Everyone is super chill and helpful making it a great place to be yourself and make new friends and annoy the leaders by mailing them tons of eggs!
-Noah Forges"

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